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  • Can you change the itinerary to suit me?
    The itinerary provided by Doori Together can be changed according to your requirements. If you contact us, we will help you with a customized itinerary.
  • Are there experts ready to help with your trip?
    Yes. Doori Together's travel helpers accompany you at all destinations. Travel helpers with Doori Together are undergoing specialized training programs to provide an accessible experience.
  • What types of disabilities are eligible for travel?
    The travel provided by Doori Together is basically designed to accommodate all disabilities. Duri Together can help you find the right tour that meets your accessibility needs.
  • Is the accommodation accessible?
    Dori Together collects and provides accessibility information for hotels and accommodations. We discover and provide accommodations where you can rest comfortably by checking the width of the entrance, the turning radius of the wheelchair, the height of the bed, and the shower facilities.
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